Piling Project

British Columbia
Soletanche Bachy Canada
Construction Survey / UAV / Geotechnical Engineering / PDA & Specialty Testing

Inline Group is currently working as a survey contractor for SB Canada during their work installing piles for a major gas project in Northern BC. While laying out the hundreds of piles, our surveyors are also responsible for processing daily as-builts, continuously monitoring pile heave/settlement activity and providing placements for cranes during construction. Our capabilities with aerial mapping are being relied upon during the project as our fully certified surveyors continuously use drones to aid with site mapping, monitoring and crane inspections.

Services Executed:

  • Control Establishment & Monitoring

  • Settlement Gauge Layout & Monitoring

  • Topographical Survey

  • Aerial Mapping & Monitoring

  • Pile Layout & As-builts

  • Crane Orientation Layout

  • PDA Testing, Analysis & Reporting

  • Plate Load Testing

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