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Why work with Inline?

High potential for growth – Inline is growing and will have many options for supervisory and leadership positions.

We invest in our people – we believe in investing in our people to help them grow and become the best version of themselves.

Your voice will always be heard – we do not believe in top-down management. We value everyone's opinion.

Inline Cultural Expectations

At Inline, we stand for five Core Values and hire the people who share those.


  • No arrogance

  • Know your stuff

  • Be vulnerable – you are not perfect

Productive and Hardworking

  • Finish what you start

  • Always give 110%

  • Advancements are earned, not given


  • Help first

  • Polite, courteous, and straightforward

  • Have empathy for others


  • Put the company first

  • Take pride in your work

  • It's okay to say no

  • Treat the company reputation as your own


  • Open to new roles, job sites, and experiences

  • Willing to roll with the punches

  • For the betterment of the team

  • There is always a way, you just need to find it