How did we survive COVID?

June 10th, 2021

Welcome to our new website. I’m Adam Temple, President of Inline Group and one of its co-founders. Thank you for taking the time to explore and learn more about us.

COVID is not over yet, but I believe we are close to returning to the new normal.

Many businesses have had a challenging year, and Inline was no different. Nevertheless, we've come out of this pandemic stronger than we were going into it.

Last March, our revenue shrunk by nearly 90%. There were some long days and nights, but we stuck to our plan; our goal for 2020 was to expand upon our new service line – Material Testing. And with our team's perseverance and hard work, we achieved that. Material Testing now accounts for approximately 30% of Inline Group's revenue. Truly amazing!

Entering 2020, our leadership team committed to becoming a better company, and we were not going to let COVID stop that. Throughout the remainder of 2020 and early 2021, we've made significant investments to continue advancing our company for the better.

  1. We put an Advisory Board in place. Our goal is to create a sustainable company that our employees can be proud to own. Adding an advisory board is an important step to achieving that. As of October 2020, we now have two outstanding advisory board members; Paul Verhesen and Barry James. In the short time we have had these advisors; it has added tremendous value.

  2. Added key Leadership Team members.

    1. In late 2020, Michael Tymko agreed to join our team as our Director of Business Development. Michael brings a very high level of Business Development expertise and broad business experience. Since his arrival, Michael has added massive value. Outside of his skills, Michael is a true embodiment of our core values, making him the perfect fit for our team.

    2. In early 2021, Dave Tamney joined our team as Regional Manager. Dave will be overseeing the Saskatewchan, Manitoba, and Ontario Regions. Dave is a Professional Engineer with field experience and is actively working towards his MBA; essentially, he is the best of both worlds for our operations team! Once again, Dave represents each of our core values and is already a highly valued team member.

  3. We are committed to servicing logistically challenged and remote projects throughout Canada! This has always been the unwritten rule for us, but we've never talked about it. So, we've finally written it down, and Michael and his team will help expand our business across Canada.

    1. To help facilitate this, we have made significant commitments in our Mobile Lab strategy. We now have five mobile lab facilities capable of servicing billion-dollar projects, much like we are doing in Kitimat, BC.

We are confident in our plan, but everything in life still needs a ton of effort to make it successful. I'm a firm believer in the GRIT Formula, which always brings me back to one of our CORE VALUES; Productive and Hardworking.

The first quarter of 2021 has been slow to start, but many were experiencing the same throughout our industry. Leading into April and May, we have seen a steady increase, and as of May 07th, we have won significant projects throughout Canada! Dave has made great progress with his pursuits in the East, and Michael has made considerable headway with expanding our client list throughout BC and Alberta.

The next couple of months will be a lot of fun.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Stay safe, and enjoy the remainder of your spring.