Construction & Speciality Surveying

Inline Group offers a full spectrum of construction and specialty survey, which includes a fleet of high precision UAV’s and 3D Scanners. Our experience has provided us with the skills and maturity to ensure our clients can trust us to outperform their expectations. From data collection in the field, to mapping models in the office, we have your geomatics needs covered.

3D Laser scanning is a procedure used to collect data quickly and accurately about objects, surfaces, buildings, and environments. This form of surveying is extremely useful when a large amount of detail is needed or when more traditional surveying methods are too dangerous, difficult, or time consuming. Inline uses 3D laser scanners to create point clouds of data that are developed into precise 3D maps and models.

The popularity of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) has increased drastically as technology has improved. At Inline, we have trained professionals with the capability of using drones to survey almost any type of project, among other uses defined below. Our fully trained employees are experienced with all government regulations and are certified to operate drones in Canada.

Pre-Construction Surveying

  • Topographic and Site Surveys

  • Underground Utility Locating and Mapping

  • Terrain Modelling – using LiDAR and Photogrammetry

  • Survey Control Networks

Construction Surveying

  • Construction Staking/Layout

  • As-Built Surveys

  • Site Grading and Earthworks

  • Leveling Surveys

  • Road and Highway Staking

  • Bridge Layout

  • Gridline, Pile, Concrete Form Works, and Anchor Bolt Surveys

  • Tunnel and Mining Surveys

  • Volume Surveys

  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Surveys and Management

  • Machine Control Support

  • Alignment Surveys

UAV/ Drones

  • Inspection Photo & Video Packages

  • Volume Tracking & Reconciliation

  • Pre-Job Scouting/Site Assessment

  • Ortho-mosaics

  • LiDAR

  • Gas Detection

  • Thermal Imagery

3D Scanning

  • Piping/Mechanical As-builts

  • Volume Tracking

  • 3D Topographical Surveys

  • Leveling/Flatness Surveys

  • BIM