Who We Are

Inline Group is a Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Testing, and Survey firm with offices, team members, projects, and Indigenous partnerships Canada-Wide. We are the Inline Difference.

Our Story

In 2012, Ryan Dunbar and Adam Temple founded Inline Construction Surveys Ltd., pursuing work in Northern Alberta. Their intention was to create a company where employees were valued, and profit was not the only measure of success.

Our Journey

Our Values

Our values steer our business, and our clients can expect to see these values on display throughout our projects.

Our five core values have guided our company from day one.


  • No arrogance

  • Know your stuff

  • Be vulnerable – you are not perfect

Productive and Hardworking

  • Finish what you start

  • Always give 110%

  • Advancements are earned, not given.


  • Help first

  • Polite, courteous, and straightforward

  • Have empathy for others


  • Put the company first

  • Take pride in your work

  • It is okay to say no

  • Treat the company's reputation as your own


  • Open to new roles, job sites, and experiences

  • Willing to roll with the punches

  • For the betterment of the team

  • There is always a way; you just need to find it.

Our Team

Our team is what makes Inline different from our competitors. Our team represents our core values in everything they do. We would not be where we are today without them.

Adam Temple, President's Photo
Adam Temple, President
Ryan Dunbar, Regional Manager's Photo
Ryan Dunbar, Regional Manager
Michael Tymko, Director Of Business Development's Photo
Michael Tymko, Director Of Business Development
Georgia Dunn, Lead Of Proposal Coordination's Photo
Georgia Dunn, Lead Of Proposal Coordination
Dat Nguyen, CAD Technician's Photo
Dat Nguyen, CAD Technician
Justen Dmytriw, CAD Manager's Photo
Justen Dmytriw, CAD Manager
Mike Gray, Special Projects Coordinator's Photo
Mike Gray, Special Projects Coordinator
Nicole Iverson, HR Administrator's Photo
Nicole Iverson, HR Administrator
Oscar Jerez, Engineering Manager's Photo
Oscar Jerez, Engineering Manager
Samantha Wildman, Ops & Safety Administration's Photo
Samantha Wildman, Ops & Safety Administration
Weifeng Yu, Special Projects Manager's Photo
Weifeng Yu, Special Projects Manager
Alicia Donais, Human Resource Generalist's Photo
Alicia Donais, Human Resource Generalist
Scott Comeau ,CAD Technician's Photo
Scott Comeau ,CAD Technician
Allison Owre, Business Development Manager's Photo
Allison Owre, Business Development Manager
Jason Turner, Regional Manager's Photo
Jason Turner, Regional Manager
Rae Lanuza, Construction Services Project Coordinator's Photo
Rae Lanuza, Construction Services Project Coordinator
Angi Willard, Proposal Coordinator's Photo
Angi Willard, Proposal Coordinator
Trish Bennet, Project Manager's Photo
Trish Bennet, Project Manager

Advisory Board

In 2020 we introduced an advisory board to our business. Our board members provide expertise in Operations, Finance, and Strategy.

Paul Verhesen's Photo
Paul Verhesen
Barry L. James's Photo
Barry L. James